Reflexology, Crystal Healing, IET & Coaching in Merton


A Word From My Valued Customers
 Elaine is a highly intuitive and knowledgeable healer who has tailored her reflexology treatments to deal with individual issues. Her knowledge of alternative therapies extends beyond reflexology and I greatly value the advice that she has given regarding my health and well being. She is very caring, talented and takes a holistic approach to each session. She creates a calm and gentle space where you leave feeling more centered, relaxed and grounded. I have been seeing Elaine for nearly a year now and look forward to my weekly sessions. My stress levels have been reduced, sleep patterns have improved and my body feels in greater balance. I would highly recommend booking with Elaine. – Lindsay
 My experience with Elaine has been both healing and enjoyable. From the very beginning, she has provided wonderful reflexology treatments and often offers much more through the research she does on my behalf and the knowledge she shares with me in her sessions. Elaine has made me feel like an individual she truly cares about and wants success for. – Jennifer
 I feel so lucky to have been referred to Elaine through a friend. I was met with not only a warm smile, but a warm heart. You can tell Elaine has a passion to empower her clients to feel better from the inside out. I feel healthier, I sleep better, I am making better choices and it is starting to show. I also cannot wait to see the results from my course of Zone Therapy Face Lift. I can already see a difference in my skins appearance from the facial reflexology combined with foot reflexology. You walk out feeling like your on Cloud Nine. – Kerry