Reflexology, Crystal Healing, IET & Coaching in Merton

Elaine Grace Therapies

Reflexology, Crystal Healing, IET & Coaching in Merton

“They tried to bury us. They didn’t know that we were seeds.” – Mexican Proverb

The curtains are drawn even though the sun is shining

Your life is hold until you achieve… You are running out of time… You are exhausted by stress… You are now a stranger to yourself… You are wearing a mask… You constantly question ‘Why not me?’…

All of the above statements are statements that I’ve known personally only too well. They are also ‘issues’ that come up frequently with my current clients…

  • ‘I am incomplete as I am unable to conceive, time is running out.’
  • ‘My partner doesn’t support or understand me’
  • ‘I don’t know who I am anymore’

Unfortunately most of us believe that life will always remain this way. I am telling you, this is not the case. Life can be beautiful if we chose to see it that way. If we are willing to forgive, move forward and love ourselves wholeheartedly then the universe will truly open up for you…

I have a passion and desire for helping clients from a place of pain to a sense of healing and success in many aspects of their lives.

We need to understand that all systems feed into one another. Often a client will come in with one physical problem, yet it quickly transpires there is healing to do on a metaphysical, spiritual and emotional level.

“They tried to bury us. They didn’t know that we were seeds.” – Mexican Proverb

If the above words resonate within you then let us work together to dig deeper, plant the seeds and watch you bloom.

My role as your therapist is to create a package tailored to your needs using a variety of powerful therapies and techniques such as; reflexology (feet, hands and facial), crystal healing, Integrated Energy Therapy and coaching.

I will use my intuition and knowledge to ensure we are working towards the goals in which you hope to achieve. We will achieve wonderful things together.

I offer all my new clients a ‘discovery session’ which is a complimentary phone call where we can openly discuss what you would hope to gain from working with one another. We can judge whether the therapies I offer will suit your needs and help you reach your goals, whether that be fertility, pain relief or creating homeostasis and deep relaxation. I will be working alongside you, not for you.

Within my treatments I will be using the gorgeous, organic and ethical Neal’s Yard Products. I also consult for the company. The Zone Therapy Face Lift, and facial reflexology is complimented beautifully by their products.

Love yourself from in the inside out